In a changing world, we never lose sight of our most important asset

Our graduates are our future: the talent that will help us continue to anticipate and manage the changing world that affects our clients. That’s why we’re committed to investing in you.

As a graduate at BNP Paribas, we’ll place you in a team where you’ll be stretched, yet equally supported, so you develop quickly. With outstanding training, on-the-job coaching, and specialised early careers learning, you can expect to be a fully-fledged Analyst in just 12 to 24 months, depending on your programme.

What you’ll do

Our non-rotational programmes give you the chance to specialise right from the start. This will enable you to build up area-specific skills and experience early in your career.

Our rotational programmes enable you to develop an understanding of different areas related to your specialism. This supports you in building your knowledge and experience contextually, understanding from first-hand experience how your role fits into the bigger picture.

You can train to be an Analyst in any of our main business areas, including Compliance, Global Banking, Global Markets, Risk and Technology.

Your programme will start with a dedicated off-site induction programme with the whole of the Graduate class. You’ll have the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues and peers, thus creating your own support network. The induction will provide you with everything from an overview of the current challenges and opportunities facing our industry and our clients, to an understanding of where your role fits into our business and the contributions you can make in helping us to achieve our goals.

Depending on the business area you’re joining, you may also undergo training designed to equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to undertake industry examinations before you start your role. Either way, the Graduate Induction will give you a robust foundation to hit the desk running and make real contributions to your team from day one. From the moment you arrive in your chosen area, you’ll be a vital member of the team. You’ll have direct contact not just with your peers, but also with senior members of staff throughout the business.

What you’ll need

Our Graduate Programme is highly competitive and intellectually demanding. To secure a place, you’ll need a strong academic background and excellent analytical skills.

We’re looking for spark and real determination too; people who will drive their own development and take every opportunity that comes their way to learn. Team spirit and working collaboratively with others are non-negotiable.

Finally, because you’ll be expected to contribute from the day you join your team on the programme, it’s essential that you know what you want to do before you apply. Think hard about your skill-set and where it would fit best in our organisation.

Key requirements:

  • A strong degree in any subject – 2.1 minimum (or equivalent)
  • Analytical skills and mathematical aptitude
  • Determination and an inquisitive mind-set
  • A collaborative outlook

Although Mathematics, Finance, Economics, Science, Business, Engineering and Computer Science are the most relevant subjects, we strongly welcome applications from candidates who have studied a wide range of degrees. We value diversity of thought highly, and varied experiences enable you to bring different ideas to the table. If you haven’t studied one of the above subjects, we’ll expect you to be able to very clearly articulate why you have chosen this career path and demonstrate an understanding of what we do for our clients, and how we do it.

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