Integral to our business, now and in the future

What we do

Information Technology touches every part of BNP Paribas and underpins every deal we make. When a system is unavailable, millions can be lost, so robust programmes and infrastructure aren’t just important – they are fundamental to our success.

In the Information Technology team, we develop, introduce and maintain cutting-edge applications right across the firm. Our key objective is to apply our expertise to business problems and deliver high-quality, practical solutions.

This could mean developing new applications for trading floors and downstream areas such as the Back Office, coding new modelling strategies, setting up the infrastructure for a new office, or working with other functions to develop risk measurement tools.

What you’ll need

To join this team, strong technical skills are clearly essential. However, you must also have a good grasp of business issues. After all, you’ll have to understand the needs of colleagues from all areas of the bank. We’ll also be looking for a creative approach to problem solving and an interest in emerging technologies.

At BNP Paribas we work in a Windows and Unix environment, using C++, C#, Java, Python, VBA, Oracle and SQL Server.

Where you can work

Our Information Technology function operates in over 50 countries and has headquarters in Paris, London, New York and India.


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