Global Equities and Commodity Derivatives

A world leader in its field

Global Equities and Commodity Derivatives (GECD) is part of our broader Capital Markets & Derivatives area. It’s a world-leader in its field, bringing together the three complementary client-facing activities of Structured Equity, Flow & Financing and Commodity Derivatives. GECD relies on front-office professionals who are stationed across three global regions (Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific).

Structured Equity

Structured Equity provides structured solutions for a broad clientele including retail customers, corporate clients, banking networks, insurance companies and pension funds. It provides its clients with customised or exchange-traded structured products to meet their capital protection, yield and diversification requirements.

Flow & Financing

Flow and Financing caters to the needs of institutional investors and asset managers. It delivers appropriate and innovative investment and hedging strategies in equity markets across the globe and provides access to financing solutions through its Prime Brokerage unit, stock lending and borrowing and synthetic financing. Flow and Financing also provides its clients with a rapidly developing integrated equity brokerage platform combining numerous research, sales, trading and execution service capabilities.

Commodity Derivatives

Commodity Derivatives provides a range of risk hedging solutions to corporate clients whose business is highly correlated with commodity prices (producers, refineries and transport companies, for example). It also provides investors with access to commodities through various investment strategies and structured solutions.

An entity dedicated to the Emerging Markets completes the structure of GECD to meet the growing interest in investing in this area, as well as the specific needs of emerging and growth market clients.

Within these areas, roles are available in:

Marketing – As a member of this team you will create strategies in product marketing and communications to promote GECD’s products to a wide range of clients. Working together with Structuring, Sales, Legal and Compliance you will develop a complete understanding of investment solutions, using your innovative outlook to assist in the product development process.

Sales – You will be our clients’ trusted advisor and be involved in the entire sales process, from handling client requests to closing deals.

Trading – As a member of the Trading team, you will trade a comprehensive range of asset classes on every index, every exchange and every market worldwide.

Structuring – As a Structurer, you will design and price investment solutions using derivative products to meet clients’ more complex needs, forming the link between Sales and Trading.

Research & Development – GECD’s R&D team is possibly the world’s largest and most advanced derivatives quantitative research team, and is at the genesis of many of our equity derivatives successes. Within R&D you will have the great opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects, from developing new models, to implementing new trading applications.

Strategy and Risk – You will constantly monitor the risk in all of GECD’s activities, sharing and communicating this with all other members of the bank, and work on updating specific strategies to tackle risk.

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