Fixed Income

A 2,000-strong international team

Fixed Income is headquartered in London and part of our Capital Markets and Derivatives businesses.

It offers a comprehensive suite of products to meet our clients’ varied needs. Ranging from financing and market access, to yield enhancement and hedging.

Fixed Income is organised around four global product areas: Primary Markets, Credit, G10 Rates and Foreign Exchange and Local Markets. Operating from trading hubs in London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, São Paulo Paris and Brussels. We work together closely to meet the needs of  a wide range of clients including governments, central banks, financial institutions, corporations, investment managers and public sector institutions – major participants in the international economy.

Our 2,200 specialists work as a one team: Origination and Syndicate specialists work together to devise optimal funding solutions for issuers, while Sales and Trading collaborating with Research and Structuring to provide liquidity and solutions for investors and liability managers. Different roles require different strengths, but whichever path you take, you’ll need a strong academic record, good analytical skills and the ability to express yourself well, both with clients and colleagues alike.

Debt Capital Markets and Syndicate – As an origination or syndicate professional, you will work to analyse and understand issuers’ funding needs and help them price and launch new bond issues in the capital markets via the bank’s global investor base.

Sales – As one of our Sales people, you’ll be a trusted advisor, working side-by-side with Trading and Research to provide pricing, liquidity and trade ideas in order to meet the investment and hedging needs of the client

Trading – As a Trader, you’ll work closely with Sales to generate revenues for the bank, trading a wide range of cash and derivative products and gaining an in-depth knowledge of market dynamics.

Structuring – If you join us as a Structurer, you’ll analyse problems and work closely with Sales and Trading to put together solutions to tackle the investment liability management needs of our clients.

Research – Or you could join us as one of our Research analysts, whether forecasting market or economic trends, or becoming a sector specialist.

Quantitative Research – There are also opportunities for you to join us as a Quantitative Researcher.

Here, you’ll focus on developing the statistical and trading models, platforms, methodologies and reference tools used by our business, and work with advanced mathematical, statistical and technological concepts on a daily basis.

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