A 380-strong team, protecting our business and clients.

What we do

In Compliance & Control (C&C), we protect the bank against breaches of codes, procedures, laws and ethics covering issues such as ‘Know Your Customer’, anti-money laundering legislation, market abuse, conflicts of interest and confidentiality of information.

By playing a crucial advisory role and providing effective internal control frameworks, we protect BNP Paribas’s assets and reputation around the world. We also enforce professional ethics at the firm by championing and embedding a strong compliance and control culture. This helps teams across the firm to not only understand, but also further mitigate our risks.

We also lead major projects and initiatives to tackle specific governance issues and control themes, such as our drive to reduce internal fraud risk.

Because of an ever-increasing focus on this area, it’s now more important than ever that we hire the very best talent for our C&C team.


Where you can work

We employ 380 staff across 40 countries, mostly in Europe, the US and Asia.

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