Application form hints and tips

  • Tailor your application to the role you’re applying for. While lots of banks ask similar questions, they are rarely exactly the same – never copy and paste from another application form.
  • Spend time on the competency-based questions – this is your opportunity to demonstrate your interest and personal investment in your application.
  • Pay attention to English grammar and punctuation, and maintain a formal and professional writing style at all times. Attention to detail is a fundamental part of what we do – a poorly completed form will suggest you lack this quality, or think it unimportant.
  • Be honest, particularly when outlining your language ability and technical skills. If not, you are likely to be caught out at interview.
  • We look for candidates who demonstrate teamwork, leadership and a sense of community. If you are involved in student organisations on your campus and in your local community, include these activities in your application.
  • We also look for candidates with a genuine interest in the markets. Make sure to include any experience you’ve gained (practical or learning) which demonstrate this.

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