Diversity and Inclusion

All Employee Networks are open to all

A diverse and inclusive workplace is essential to attracting and retaining talent, ensuring all employees are valued, and supporting diversity of thought. Since 2014, the Group has given momentum to raising awareness, implementing employee-led staff networks and increasing managerial resources to help promote diversity. It developed and signed new commitments to improve equality of opportunity and work-life balance. It also focused its efforts on combating all forms of discrimination so the organisation not only ensured equality on a daily basis, but employee wellbeing too. Our internal employee networks are open to all, created by employees, for employees.

  • Ability

    The Ability Network raises awareness of disability related issues in BNP Paribas (including both visible and non-visible disabilities and mental health), promotes equal opportunities and diversity, and provides a forum for dialogue on disability issues. The Ability Network is open to all employees, particularly those interested in learning more about disability, living with a disability or close to someone with a disability – in or outside of the workplace.
  • Pride

    PRIDE is BNP Paribas’ LGBT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Trans) and Straight Allies network. Pride helps create a supportive working environment where colleagues, customers and clients from the LGBT community feel safe, respected and valued by all. It’s open to all staff and organises events, which provide information, support and access to business networking opportunities.
  • Early Careers Network

    The Early Careers Network provides support to BNP Paribas employees in the early stages of their careers, engaging them to feel more connected with the business as well as creating a sense of community. It encourages knowledge sharing and supports mobility for employees to better understand the culture of BNP Paribas and how to progress their career within it, providing a platform to network with peers and senior management that would otherwise be unavailable. The Early Careers Network is open to all employees (regardless of age, level in the organisation, or tenure).
  • MixCity UK

    As part of BNP Paribas’ global D&I strategy, MixCity is employee led action that helps achieve gender equality in the workplace. It operates in 20 locations globally and aims to help maximise the potential of both women and men by broadening knowledge of the organization, by providing business networking opportunities and raising the profile of relevant issues. MixCity is open to all employees, and is committed to creating an inclusive environment for both men and women where everyone can thrive.
  • Multicultural Network

    The Multicultural Network focuses on creating an inclusive environment by recognising and celebrating the diverse cultures and traditions of our workforce, clients and communities. It provides a forum for collaboration, support, best practice sharing and advocacy. The Multicultural Network is open to all employees, including recent arrivals to the UK and anyone interested in the international nature of our business.
  • Parents & Carers Network

    The Parents & Carers Network helps to create an effective support infrastructure for employees who are either parents and/or carers. It aims to raise awareness of work-life balance and provide access to education opportunities on topics related to parenting/carers.

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